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 Whether you are a seasoned athlete or just starting to dip your toe into the fitness waters, there are some essentials that you’ll need for the best possible experience. Keep reading to learn all about the four fitness apparel essentials and find everything you need and more at Atlas Athletic.


Workout Shirt

A solid workout shirt may not be the first thing that comes to mind for essential fitness apparel, but trust us, the right shirt can make a world of difference. You’ll want a shirt that’s lightweight, comfortable, and has moisture-wicking properties. It’s also a bonus if it has a bad-ass, motivational phrase on the front to help keep you motivated! When your workout shirt has those qualities, you can focus on the workout at hand rather than being distracted by your uncomfortable fitness apparel choice.



Tons of athletes and fitness enthusiasts all over the world choose to take their workout to the great outdoors. After all, why wouldn’t you? It’s free and you get to spend time enjoying the fresh air. Plus, when the weather is adverse, it can add an extra challenging element! For your outdoor workouts, a hoodie is essential fitness apparel. Especially if you live in a cooler climate or you like to get your workouts in early or late in the day. Hoodies are meant to keep you warm and made to sweat in, making it the perfect fitness apparel for your outdoor workout.


Speaking of taking your workout to the great outdoors, a quality hat can make life a little easier. This is especially true for ladies with long hair who like outdoor runs. A good hat helps in multiple ways. It obviously keeps the sun and heat off of your face while you are out and about. But hat fitness apparel is also great for pulling your pony through the back and helping to hold your hair in place as you run.


Blender Bottle

The final essential fitness apparel on our list isn’t so much clothing, it’s actually the blender bottle! Getting the most out of your workout continues far past the workout itself. You have to power your body with the nutrition it needs, and a blender bottle can play a critical role in that. With the right blender bottle, you can easily bring your pre-workout with you to the gym and also pack it full of protein to give your body what it needs after a tough workout.


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When it comes to the four fitness apparel essentials above, and any other fitness apparel you may need, Atlas Athletic has you covered. Shop online today!

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