4 Types of Athletes You See in the Military

Whether you’ve been enlisted 20 days or 20 years, you’ve likely come across these people at one point in time. In today’s blog at Atlas Athletic Apparel, we talk about the four types of athletes you see in the military. And, don’t forget to check out our Atlas Athletic line today!

Weightlifter in a gym dressed in athletic apparel getting ready to deadlift.


The Weightlifter
You know that person who is HUGE. Not huge fat or tall, but huge in the way that they are just shredded. We like to refer to this person as The Weightlifter, and everyone knows one. This is the guy or gal who barely fits into their uniform and looks like they could deadlift a tank if they felt so inclined. If you wanna be this guy or you are this person, then you’ll need the right clothing for the job. Check out the Atlas Athletic selection now.



Female runner in athletic apparel mid-sprint with a smokey background.

The Guy Who Only Does Cardio
Another type of athlete you’re bound to see in the military, regardless of branch, is the Cardio-Only person. This person has virtually no body fat and can run seemingly forever at break-neck speeds. These people are the energizer bunnies that you couldn’t wear out if you tried. While they may not be the strongest, most stacked people around, The Guy Who Only Does Cardio has the stamina and resolve to outrun, swim, and outlast anyone in general.


Image of a woman in athletic apparel working out her back on a fitness machine.


The Crossfitter
For Crossfitters, Crossfit is more than just a workout — it’s a lifestyle. Crossfit regimens can be tailored to any athlete and be customized to help you achieve any number of goals. One thing that every The Crossfitter has in common, though, is their passion for Crossfit. They’ll often try to rope you into the Crossfit lifestyle, and you know what? It’s not a bad thing, but make sure you’ve got the right equipment to get started. If you’re thinking about dipping your toe in the Crossfit scene with The Crossfitter, then arm yourself with Atlast Athletic clothing from Atlas Athletic Apparel.


The Bodybuilder

Image of a woman in athletic apparel working out her back on a fitness machine.

The fourth and final type of athlete we’ll talk about is The Bodybuilder. There isn’t too much difference between The Bodybuilder and The Weightlifter. The main difference is that The Bodybuilder will take it to the next level. While The Weightlifter may be big, they aren’t The Bodybuilder big. Bodybuilder-type athletes lift weights and carefully calculate each and every food and drink item that enters their body. These people have body sculpting down to a science and are certainly not someone you wanna mess with.


Do you agree with our four most common types? Do you know at least one of these types of people in the military? Thanks for checking out today’s blog at Atlas Athletic Apparel. If you are, know, or seek to become one of these types of athletes, be sure to check out our Atlas Athletic clothing.

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