Off the Rack: Our 4 Favorite Apparel Designs

Check out these fitness apparel designs yourself and see why they're our favorites.

With so many great designs, it’s hard to choose just four! Keep reading to check out our four favorite designs and fitness apparel options at Atlas Athletic Apparel.

The Classic Logo Shirt

It’s important to remember your roots, and at Atlas Athletic Apparel, that’s our Classic Logo shirt. This shirt is the one that started it all! It’s simple, comfortable, and ready to tackle anything. When you need fitness apparel that’s comfortable and gets the job done, there’s no better option than our Classic Logo shirt. It’s even commonly described as “one of the best feeling shirts I own.” With this shirt’s track record and it being our pioneer fitness apparel, there’s no way we couldn’t include it in our favorites.

The Shield Hat

Nowadays, it can be tough to find fitness apparel and other products that are made with quality and integrity. Luckily, our Shield Hat at Atlas Athletic Apparel is a cut above the rest. You won’t find another hat with the same quality fit, build, or unique design — to mention it’s great at keeping the sun from your eyes. The Shield Hat also features a unique Kyrptek Highlander pattern that is sure to turn a few heads. One customer even mentioned, “I ordered 5 hats. I am very impressed…”

The Brotherhood Shirt

Much of our fitness apparel and other products at Atlas Athletic Apparel were created in honor of our military — both past and present. One of our personal favorites, though, is the Brotherhood shirt. It draws inspiration from Norse mythology and the slain warrior knot. This shirt is essentially our take on the valknut and embodies what it means to be a warrior. “Warriors never die. We regroup. Till Valhalla.” Support veterans, fallen soldiers, and modern-day troops with this ultra-comfortable shirt from Atlas Athletic Apparel.

Remember the Towers

On September 11th, 2001, the United States forever changed. Never forget that day, the lives that were lost, or those brave American’s who answered the call. This fitness apparel helps to show respect and serves as a reminder of that day. And, if that’s not enough, it’s also unbelievably comfortable and lightweight, making it perfect for everyday use or fitness apparel. . Show respect and remembrance with the Remember the Towers shirt at Atlas Athletic Apparel.

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Choosing just four of our favorite fitness apparel designs and products was nearly impossible! We offer so many great and amazing products that it’s difficult to choose just four. If you’re interested in shopping quality fitness apparel and accessories that honor our first responders, there’s no better option than Atlas Athletic Apparel. Check it out today!
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